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FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 11:00am EST
washington d.c. the city schools are terrible because of unions like yours. >> i disagree. we have progress as a result >> three days before the pro -- the protest march the protesters composed of the anti-tests and song. >> i think i know why the union does not like it. >> the results are awful among the lowest in the nation. >> you make the argument lowest in the nation based on the test scores. i would say hours could get a better buy it. john: your predecessors the union has been saying that for years. >> they have a pretty strong history for advocating for higher education. >> and not achieving it. >> that is not what we choose to focus on. >> we chooseo focus on teaching kids. >> catalino if they are learning? >> i know my kids are learning when i look in their eyes. >> the protesters had celebrity support matt damon was asked by a woman about the rules that make it hard to fire. >> there is a job security? what about for teachers? been making the job insecurity makes me work hard? >> you have the incentive. >> you take the nba style thinking. >> business school idea? yes. even the o
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 1:00pm EST
unions, business stepped in went to washington dc, testified, keep the chinese they are the best workers we are in america, they lost that case, but business against labor and big government is the story of immigration up to the present day. john: businesses say, let's be inclusive, and unions and governments saying no. >> theyon't want to hire people -- they want to hire people on merits,. john: businesses? >> businesses want to hire people on merits, theerson who did you not hire the best employee because that employee is chinese or japanese or black is giving that. to his com competitor. john: one more benefit of capitalism that we hate? thank you jonathan bean, stick around, audience wants to question you and some of our other guests john: we're back with audience comments and questions for michael shurmur. brian cafler, david ropiak, and jonathan bean. so, who is first? >> if you ask those people you interviewed on the street, they would agree that government, for the most part is inept and corrupt, on the same token those same people i would think would want more government interve
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2